Rush Hour 4 is set to make a comeback and here are 5 reasons why it will be as good as its predecessors

Yes, you read that right. It’s been 10 years since the release of Rush Hour 3 and after more than a decade the next instalment of the ever popular franchise has been finally announced. Jackie Chan himself confirmed in an interview with Extra that he is set to reprise the iconic role of Inspector Lee as the series is set to make a comeback on the big screen.  Chris Tucker is yet to confirm whether he’s on board but Chan has stated that filming will not proceed until his fellow co-star agrees. Either way we are as excited as ever and here are 5 reasons you should be excited as well!

The return of Chief Inspector Lee and Detective Carter! 

Need we say more? The film will see the return of the mismatched, iconic duo of Inspector Lee and Detective Carter for the fourth time. Over the years the duo’s onscreen chemistry has won our hearts countless of times.

You just know that you’ll be having a good time with these two.

Lots and lots of comedy and action

The dedicated and reserved personality of Chan’s character paired with the loud-mouthed and cocky personality of Tucker’s character has given us comedy gold. Make no mistakes though, although they can make laugh until we cry, they are perfectly capable of whooping anyone’s butt.

Quick wits and karate kicks

You don’t have to watch the first three to enjoy the fourth

Much like all of the previous films, you do not necessarily have to watch the previous installments to enjoy the new ones. They are at best vaguely related and you can have an amazing time regardless of whether you have watched Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3.


Jackie Chan has stated that this one will be “different”

In his interview with Extra, Jackie has stated that Rush Hour 4 will be different from his predecessors. Chan claimed that he does not want to do the same thing over and over again and wanted to add a different flavour into the mix. More reasons to look forward to it!

Do you understand what we’re saying?

This will probably be the last installment

All good things come to an end, such is life. Jackie Chan admitted that he wants to film Rush Hour 4 before they turn into ‘old men.’ Considering the fact that Chan is already 63 years old, the possibility of Rush Hour 5 is highly unlikely. Then again we are talking about Jackie Chan who is almost superhuman so don’t quote us on this one. Either way, if this does indeed turn out to be the last Rush Hour film, we would not want to miss a second of it.

In all fairness there can be 10 more Rush Hour films and we still won’t get tired