How to perform like Sharmin Sultana Sumi

The code to being different is not trying to be different. People hover overlooking outside the box while there are plenty of ideas inside the box that needs to be explored. This is where I come in. I don’t try to be different and that’s what makes me different.

To know what my audiences want, I must know their driving tool. For our audiences, it’s the emotional appeal. Making the public feel a sense of originality, gets them hooked on a song. The emotionally driven people of our country often relate to our ‘Gram-bangla’ songs. So we stay true to our roots and our fans stay true to us. It’s a two-way street.

Our priority is our loyal fan base. We focus on their taste and what they expect from us. Before we entered the world of playback singing, we mostly opted for live shows and performed within our album songs. But we were overwhelmed by the massive response we got for our song ‘Duniya’ from Aynabaji. That is when we discovered that our audiences are now building a higher acceptance level.

Making the shift from band music to playback music was a risky step for us. Cinema is a huge platform which gives you access to the mass. However, back in the days, taking a risk was not appreciated. But now taking risks, sells discs. So we try to explore different media to get a clear hold of what the audiences demand.


The good news is that the audiences now welcome change. They appreciate diversity. We have fans from 12-year-olds to 60-year-olds. It’s not necessary that they admire the same genre of music, but they have been forgiving enough to give us the opportunity to experiment.

It’s good to remember that success is like an elevator, if you press the right buttons then it will take you to your destination. But if you don’t know which buttons will take you where then you will never reach your destination.