NTV’s Jokhon Kokhono is here to tickle your funny bone with its comical take on social tropes

With a star studded cast, NTV’s Jokhon Kokhono is a drama series which skillfully weaves the tale of two families. Both family impeccably depicts pre-existing social tropes, and through its run time gives you some laughably relatable moments. Here are four true to life moments from Jokhon Kokhono

Eto Chakri Kore Ki Hobe?

Abul Hayat in his role as the disapproving dad delivers the run down cliché with so much gusto that his physical comedy alone makes this sour one liner sound somewhat like a modern day catchphrase – making a dire rhetorical inquiry plump with humour.

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Dadi To The Rescue

Isn’t it weird how it’s always the elderly who encourages the errant wishes of the doe-eyed youth in every family? Dilara Zaman, as the fierce, sharp tongued grandmother is the bridge which closes the generation gap – which threatens to swallow Beauty’s (Prosun Azad) wishes of finding her a job.

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The Creep Factor

Azad Abul Kalam is the boss you want to avoid at all costs. From his obvious favouritism to his senseless projection of unwarranted charm – he brings the boss to life with skin crawling familiarity.

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Get Me Married

But why? You are just doing your SSC, Samiya. There’s still time. Patience is virtue, girl.

Apart from these hilarious moments plucked straight out of our daily lives – Jokhon Kokhono offers some spine tingling supernatural elements for the horror aficionado. The dialogues are raucously comical, and it is really through the dialogues that this drama series finds its footing.

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

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