Melbourne city launches its first South Asian art inspired public transport

What a great time to be a ‘Bengali!’ The Melbourne city launches the newest and the most colourful public transport named ‘art tram’ inspired by the Indian street art, which resembles the Bangladesh rickshaw art very closely. This is the first vehicle in Australia that celebrates the ties between Western and South Asian culture. What an exciting news for both the people living in Melbourne and the Indian subcontinent or, better put, South Asians living in Melbourne.

People from home and abroad are eagerly waiting for the launch of this vehicle as it’s is a step towards acknowledging different cultures and heritage. The project is surely an initiative that needs to be celebrated. This Travelling installation is a visible reminder of the rich artistic culture that the Indian subcontinent possesses. It is the first of the eight ‘art trams’ out in the streets of Melbourne this year. We hope the next big surprise is Rickshaw Art?

Check out the heartwarming art tram here: