Know thy managers: Antonio Conte, The Godfather   

So far, we have covered the current bosses of most of the major clubs of the Premier League in our segment, Know thy managers. How can we move forward without talking about the man who manages the current champions? Step right up Antonio Conte! After an excellent career as a player Conte like many players decided to transition into the role of a manager. After a fairly quiet start, Conte won three back to back Scudettos with Juventus (which he also won 5 times as a player!) and also won the Premier League title on his very first season with Chelsea. The man is synonymous with success and excellence. Want to know more about him? Well, read along as we bring you five interesting facts about the Italian!

He is the first manager to win three consecutive Manager of the Month Awards!

As we mentioned earlier, the man is synonymous with excellence and this was proven when he became the first ever manager to win three back to back manager of the month awards!

Quite a feat for someone in his first year in the PL.

He revitalized Andrea Pirlo’s career  

Andrea Pirlo’s career reached a low-point when he was deemed surplus to Milan’s requirement. Antonio Conte begged to differ, took him in and things turned around for the Italian. Conte made sure that Pirlo is remembered as one of the best playmakers of his generation.

Pirlo owes a lot of his later success to this man.

…Speaking of revitalized

Antonio Conte revolutionized the 3-5-2 formation

The Italian boss reintroduced the formation to the Calcio A and more recently to the Premier League. Many teams have since tried to emulate his success by adopting the 3-5-2.

Trend setter.

Conte excels at motivational speaking

The reason why he is called The Godfather is because of his ability to motivate his players and unite them. He was given the name by his players when he was in charge of Italy.

The Godfather of football.

The Godfather went back to school

As odd as that statement sounds, Conte actually went back to school to learn English right before joining Chelsea.

We guess going back to school really helped as he secured the Premier League title that season.
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