Hrithik Roshan, do you need a lie detector?

Just imagine how easier life would be if we all could carry a lie detector with us all the time. No more analyzing your boyfriend’s text messages all night to figure out if he is lying or not. But as scientists have far more important projects than helping you out with your relationship problems, we have pointed out some clear signs which you can easily detect in a liar. And don’t worry, we might not be scientists but our references will help you get a clear conscious.

They touch or cover their mouth

we are not saying Hrithik is lying but why are you hiding that beautiful face of yours Hrithik?

The biggest sign of lying is that, the person is constantly covering his mouth. It’s a natural body language position when someone is not comfortable talking about a topic. So if your sister is covering her mouth while saying she doesn’t have your blue top then she is probably lying.

They desperately try to project themselves as  innocent:

This is the best defense mechanism of liars. They live in their own bubble and think they are the ‘victim’. Like, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night!

Their information are too precise:

Too much details for someone who doesn’t want to give the issue much importance!

When you are telling the truth you won’t necessarily be too precise about every tiny detail. Likewise, when someone is lying, they constantly keep repeating information as they have to remember what they said earlier.

They will feel thirsty:

This is a classic one. I believe everyone knows about this one. When you are in an uncomfortable situation and feel trapped, your throat will naturally close off and you would want to sip on a glass of water.

They will avoid eye contact: 

Eyes express more than words do. So it’s a red flag when he is trying to avoid eye contact while talking.

People don’t look stressed when they are telling the truth:

Look at Kangana, all giggly and stress free!

It’s obvious you will look stressed when you ARE stressed. But if you are telling the truth then what’s there to stress about?

We can never be present in every situation to draw a conclusion of right and wrong. Words can fool people but actions can’t. Hrithik’s body language indicates who is at fault in this issue. Sadly, he doesn’t deserve all the FILMFARE awards that he won. Brush up your acting skills Mr. Roshan!

Picture source: YouTube