Getting hitched soon? Leave it to these 5 apps to make your making nothing but easy, breezy and beautiful!

When the big day arrives, the bride and groom to-be’s sleep goes on about looking for Narnia and you end up spending sleepless nights. Falling short of food, the tailor messing up your dress, the decorations falling out and a gazillion more thoughts of your wedding day going wrong starts creeping out from every corner of your amygdala. To save you from these disastrous thoughts, we have come to you with 5 wedding apps and sites which will make sure that the biggest day of your life is not just special, but glorious.


Having this app is equivalent to hiring a wedding planner, for free! A goldmine for those who are getting married, this app will take all the necessary information and build you a customised schedule within seconds. It will give you reminders for your upcoming tasks; help you keep track of the vendors and caterers and even keep your spending in check with their payment tracking. Know what you need to do next and what you need for your dream wedding with WeddingHappy.


What is that one thing which guests look forward to the most in a wedding?

  1. Food
  2. Food
  3. Food
  4. Food

So, if you want to send all your guests back home happy, plan the seating arrangement right because what’s the point of having food if there is no place to sit? Take a picture of your wedding venue and AllSeated will bring the place to life with a three dimensional seating arrangement to make sure that there are not too many or too few people in one table. To nail the food, you must nail the table first.


Many a times, you have a vague idea of what you want your wedding dress to look like or how you want the venue to look like or even your wedding card’s outlook. Well then, will provide you with options after options and top notch ideas of the nitty-gritty that goes into the making of the perfect wedding. You’ll have pictures of venues which will make you scream out of your seats, “THAT’S THE ONE!”, jewellery which will make your eyes sparkle and even blog post which will help you relieve you of your wedding day stress. The website is very straightforward and user-friendly as you can navigate through what you need and want to know with ease.

LadyMarry Wedding Planeer

Are you stranded on an island with no clue as to what goes into a wedding? Well then, download this app right away. It will give a customisable wedding checklist along with handy tips and tricks which will skyrocket your big day from average to the epitome of perfection.


A lot of people struggle to understand what colour theme they should incorporate in their wedding decor as they end up coming up with absurd and gaudy colour combinations. Pantone allows you to play around with colour until you finally find your match. Just a few minutes with this app and behold, your dream has come to life.

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