How to dress like Shahzaman Mozumder

Dressing well for me is similar to a knight donning his armour before a fight. I don’t want to be caught in a situation where I am bare-bone. The image that I want to create about me must be consistent–in manners, habits, and my attire. One reinforces the other. Therefore, dressing well for me is not optional but this is part of my persona.

It’s important to feel comfortable and look neat at the same time. I don’t have any style statement per se, but I do like things that complement my height, complexion, and physique.  I am, however, not afraid to experiment with new things as long as it suits me and looks good. I want to project a clean, professional, and trustworthy look (maybe due to my training as a technical sales person).

Impeccable sense of style.

Suits, blazers, and sports jackets are the staple of my wardrobe. To coordinate with my ‘armour’ I need a number of accessories like shirts, cufflinks, ties, pocket squares, shoes, socks, belts, watches, and suspenders. When I’m home, I wear t-shirts and shorts but aside from that, I dress well, particularly for work days.

I go usually for the classical style when dressing.  My personal style statement is being myself, defining my own styles and not being bothered about the fashion cycle; I seek elegance while I’m at it. Keeping up with trends isn’t always necessary for you can create your own trend. After all, not everything suits everybody. What you wear defines your own distinct personality.

The styles I pick vary from time to time. It’s crucial to keep in mind that what you wear during the day is not the same for evening wear. Work attire should be different from things you wear in social gatherings. Leisure attire is different from work attire and active wear.

I am brand agnostic. Therefore, I don’t have any preconceived ideas about a product. I buy it only if I like it, and if I find it suitable for my purpose. I can decide for myself and I don’t depend on the advertiser to tell me what I need or don’t need. I would, however, love to have some suits made by Seville row tailors like Huntsman, Gieves & Hawk, Dage & Skinner, etc., or the French masters such as Cifonelli, or Smalto, etc.