Demi Lovato Thanks Bangladesh for making her record #1. But did it really hit the #1 spot?

The title of this article could have been a lot different. But thanks to ‘some people’, the beautiful gesture by Demi Lovato is getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

This Sunday morning, Demi Lovato posted a thank you note on Facebook, expressing her gratitude towards everyone who made her song ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ #1 in Bangladesh. But being the ‘C.I.D.’ inspired nation that we are, people were quick to jump in with their own agendas and hate comments. Some even started questioning the authenticity of the post.

Many commenters pointed out the ‘custom’ setting of the picture
Had to agree with this one. He has a point!

But surprisingly, there were some people who appreciated this kind gesture from the International pop star. Surprised? Yes, we were too.

well, someone was raised right!
Kudos to this Facebook user for stating the ‘custom’ issue without demining the post.