How to deal with haters like Tazz

I suppose I have received more mean and judgmental comments that I have received paychecks. Jokes aside, it is sad living in a world where you are despised for being unconventional and extroverted. However, I don’t like to give ears to such ridicule. Nothing people say bothers me because I know what and who I am and I think that every individual is entitled to how they feel and how they express themselves. Perhaps those who cook up interestingly creative and loathing comments, messages or posts about how others choose to live their lives, have plenty of free time in their hands to do so.

Being a controversial public figure, I face a lot of judgmental and mean comments. But I never let any of these affect my life or work. People are going to say what they ought to say but you should keep strong and believe in yourself. However, I do believe that cyberbullying turns into a vicious chain reaction. I have experienced people from all ages post nasty comments on my social media, and soon everybody joins in on the feud because people find it easier to side with it rather than standing up against it. And sometimes, when I’m out and about, I get all kinds of stares. But, I am not bothered. I believe I’m a beautiful woman and people ought to stare. That’s normal.

However, the judgmental comments I receive are all part of cyberbullying and I take it upon myself to reply to at least one of these ludicrous comments a day, just to give them a piece of my mind.

Sometimes, I like to pick out one really nasty comment and respond as I see fit. Although it’s wise not to heed attention to such people, sometimes it is necessary to tell them off. And trust me, it works!

Tazz is my alter ego. In person, I am quite different. Most people who have met me up front were surprised to see my rather intuitive personality. How a person chooses to live her life or enjoy it does not define who she or he is as a person. And whether you take a person for good or bad should depend on his or her deeds and not their clothes or say, their choice of music. It’s important to learn to accept people the way they are despite being completely different from them.