Chez Susan’s desserts are the nearest thing to heaven; these four confections are our absolute favourites

Desserts are like sweet puzzles; they have many colours, layers, and flavours that create the ideal end to any meal. Chez Susan takes your favourite treats and creates a palette that shows you each and every detail that makes your favourite pies and cakes.  Self-taught artisan baker, Susan Hossain, creates nothing short of a tapestry for your taste buds.

Lemon Meringue Tart, Shooter, Mousse

At first glance, the dessert looks like Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’; nevertheless the torched meringue is just as light as a cloud on your spoon. Dive a little deeper to the decadent, creamy lemon filling and contrasting crispy base and you have a treat that is reminiscent of a fresh summer day at the beach.

Great British Banoffee Pie

Take a trip to the United Kingdom with this classic delight. It will tease you with the richness of a shortcrust toffee pastry, bananas, biscuits and coffee. The many flavours of this oddly paired dessert are what makes it unique. It’s broken down so you can taste each and every individual aspect and their melodious combination.

Baked Cheesecake with Strawberry Coulis

Prepare to be dazzled with a luxurious cheesecake with a beautiful glaze and light dust of sugar. The creamy cake is placed on a crumbly biscuit base that adds a bit of bite as the cake melts in your mouth. A light, zesty strawberry coulis and a generous helping of fresh strawberries add a fresh note to this opulent cake.

Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel for all kinds of celebrations and petit fours

From our childhood pleasures to the new age of adulting, some simple pleasures like chocolate cake are constant. Creating a confection for all ages, indulge in the layers of salted caramel and salted caramel frosting. Keeping the flavour party going is the generous topping of chocolate and cookies which welcome a distinctive texture.

Ashfaque Zaman

Ashfaque Zaman, zealous about food, life and knowledge