Can we give a standing ovation to the first ever Miss Wheelchair World?

The first ever Miss Wheelchair World held in Warsaw Poland, introduced the world to someone who doesn’t meet society’s conventional notion of beauty. In fact, she is one of those few people who define beauty with her confidence and strength.

I bet even many ‘able’ people wouldn’t do this! Source: pinterest

In the first edition of Miss Wheelchair World, Miss Belarus Aleksandra Chichikova took home the crown. The 23-year-old winner is a psychology and social pedagogy student. She aspires to be an inspiration for the people who have faced hardships in life. She wishes to be a role model for people who don’t fit the orthodox idea of beauty.

She also enjoy a ‘walk’ on the beach like the rest of us. Source: Pinterest

Contrary to popular belief, disable people are not ‘unable.’ Just like any other person, they also hate waiting in line or dream to travel the world. Aleksandra believes, people need to consider the disable people as equals. Because they are EQUALS.