9 apps healthier and more interesting than the Blue Whale game

The Blue Whale epidemic has reportedly struck Dhaka city. The news of 8th grader Apurba Bardhan Shawrna committing suicide broke out a few days back with her parents blaming the game for the tragedy. As heartbreaking as that was, the fact that Bangladesh has now moved up to third position in the global rankings of people who look up Blue Whale challenge online does not help the cause at all. This bizarre game targets a specific demography (12-22 year olds) is comprised of 50 tasks as participants proceed from listening to music to self-harming to eventually committing suicide. With people seeming to be getting more and more curious about this game, here are 9 apps which you should try out instead of the Blue Whale game. Let’s take a stand against Blue Whale.


The Blue Whale game has a tendency of targeting people suffering from depression and frustration. Vent much like the name suggests allow us to release our bottled up emotions. Sometimes confiding to loved ones can be difficult, it is easier to confide to strangers and vent gives us that platform. While every user has the option to remain anonymous, vent can help us come across people who are facing similar adversities as us and have even overcome it. Finding someone who has been through what you are going through is always comforting.

What’s up?

This app allows us to get a grip on our negative emotions by putting them in perspective through various cognitive behavioral therapies. It allows us to keep a track of our emotions and has breathing exercises, coping strategies and even inspirational quotes to encourage us to feel better. This app boasts a 5 star rating in the app store so you might want to take a look.

The Secret of Happiness

Much like the Blue Whale, this too is a challenge. The challenge here is to write down three things you are thankful for and an event that made you happy for 30 consecutive days. The psychology of not being able to go back because we have come too far also applies to this game and users often find themselves adapting to a more positive lifestyle just so they can continue with the challenge.


Music is often the best therapy. Want to know what’s better? Creating your own music and Cove enables us to do just that. With the help of 20 instruments, channel your inner emotions and turn them into music.


For those who look into Blue Whale because they find it adventurous, here is the app for adrenaline junkies. Whether it’s an early morning run, a hike or a long bike ride, Strava keeps track of your fitness and sets goals for you to achieve. Not only that, it has regional and global leaderboards that allows our records to be compared to people all around the world adding an element of competitiveness to it as we strive to achieve more.


What can be more adventurous than a treasure hunt? Geocaching uses our location to orchestrate for us a treasure hunt by setting various points. It uses our phone’s GPS to keep track of whether or not we have travelled to each point. Challenge your friends to a good old treasure hunt with this app!

Deus Ex Go

To add some versatility on this list, let’s talk about a mobile game now with Deus Ex Go. Challenge your intellect and put your wits to the test by finishing 50 (there’s something about this number) mission campaigns and time-limited puzzles.

Clash Royale

Want to battle other people in real time and beat them by outsmarting them? Look no further. Developed by Supercell (the company responsible for Clash of Clans), this app engages players to battle each other as they fight to make it to the global leaderboard. Furthermore there are weekly and monthly rewards and you can also join clans and have a nice chat with your clan mates in the chat room.

And finally..

Anti-Blue Whale app

What better way to avoid Blue Whale app than to try out an app that was specifically made to counter it? Developed by Pakistani teenager Waseem Gul, this app much like the Blue Whale is made up of 50 tasks, the major difference being these tasks are positive and productive. Some tasks include doing 10 push-ups and helping your parents with a chore and after completing all the 50 tasks, this message appears on your screen:

Congratulations you have become a Smart BlueWhale. Remember your life is a precious gift, don’t waste it on strange challenges you find on the internet. The world is full of strange people, some of them will try to scare you in order to make you do odd things, if something like this happens to you, inform your parents or adults that you trust. Stay healthy and happy blue whale grand master. 

Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz is a final year Economics student. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching(not as much as he would want to).