5 moves to ease those cramps during your period

Working out is the last thing you’d want to do during your period, but a little exercise won’t hurt. In fact, Fatima Faheem Raadia lists down simple exercises that may help ease the cramps and walk you through a more stress-free period.

Firstly, let’s clarify the fact that there is no harm in exercising during your periods. When you exercise, the body disseminates a hormone called endorphin – a ‘happy’ hormone, which helps reduce stress, pain, cramps and makes you feel less sluggish. So what are the 5 best exercises to do during your periods? Let’s find out!


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Going for a walk is the best activity during menstruation. It’s a gentle exercise that won’t stress out the body.Be it a long walk or a short one, your pelvic muscles will loosen up along with the leg movement thus relieving pain.


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Performing yoga is a brilliant option.  It can energize your body, relieve bloating and conciliate cramps. One of the main lessons to learn from yoga is the proficiency of listening to your body. So if practicing during your menstrual cycle gets uncomfortable for you, then don’t do it! Besides, inversions aren’t recommended during your periods.


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It’s a good idea to let your body move around freely during periods. Aerobics is the ideal exercise that is going to loosen up your body. Additionally, aerobics classes are usually carried out in a low-pressure environment with music where the focus is on enjoying your time while at it.


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To alleviate the tension on your lower back do planks. It is a simple three-step move which will strengthen your back. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
Step 1: Get down on the floor
Step 2: Place your arms and elbows below your chest
Step 3: Raise your body using your forearms and toes only keeping your back straight, and hold on for 10 to 15 seconds.

Child’s Pose

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Child’s Pose is a pacifying form of activity which lessens the tension and tightness on the back. This posture opens up the hips while improving digestion. Simply follow these steps:
Step 1: Kneel down on a mat.
Step 2: Lower your buttocks down to sit on your heels and bend forward to rest your torso on your thighs.
Step 3: Relax your arms on either side of your body while your forehead touches the ground.
Step 4: Hold for at least 15 seconds and breathe deeply into your back.

Fatima Faheem Raadia

Fatima Faheem is currently studying at North South University. She enjoys reading, writing and painting in her spare time.