Shraddha Kapoor’s new avatar in Haseena Parkar will blow your mind

The trailer for Apoorva Lakhia’s “Haseena Parkar” showcases Shraddha Kapoor in an intense never-seen-before avatar. We are all used to watching the heroine bat her eyes in slow motion and blush, but, the trailer reveals a whole different side of her where she looks boldly into the eyes of her nemesis; no lashes, no blush.

The girl-next-door on the Cosmopolitan cover

Shraddha Kapoor will appear as the super-villian, Haseena Parkar, popularly known as terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s sister. The role of the underworld lord will be occupied by Siddhant Kapoor. The film is set to follow the rise of Haseena Parkar following the 1993 blasts.

The 30-year-old actress sports two prominent looks for Haseena Parkar. As the film charts the journey of Haseena Parkar from a young girl, to a mother of four, and finally to the eventual Godmother of Nagpada; we can see Shraddha embody each phase perfectly.

The resemblance is uncanny

While many actors go the extra mile for a role, from putting on the pounds to shredding off the locks – Shraddha Kapoor’s dedication to her roles renders the actress unrecognisable – from her previous roles as the endearing girl-next-door in movies like “Ok Janu,” and the diva from “Aashique 2.” In the trailer, we see Shraddha emerge from a simple young girl to the kohl-eyed authoritative and intimidating Apa.


Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

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