Know thy managers: Arsene Wenger, Le Professeur  

Our weekly segment, Know thy manager comes to you after the Eid holidays with its next entry, Arsene Wenger. The legendary Frenchman is both Arsenal’s longest serving manager and its most successful to date boasting 3 league titles (including the golden trophy), 7 FA Cups and 7 Community shields. Although he has been subjected to a lot of criticisms in recent years, Arsene is still one of premier leagues greatest. So, in honour of Le Prof, here are 5 intriguing facts about him.

He is the first non-English manager to win the Premier League

Arsene marked the beginning of a new era in the Premier League when he became the first foreign manager to win the title in the 1997-98season.

A new era: several non-English managers have since emulated the Frenchman’s success

He is a big fan of Bob Marley

A little known fact about Wenger is that he is a huge fan of reggae music and Bob Marley in particular.

“I love his music and the man that he was. He was not ‘fabricated’. He was real”- Wenger on Bob Marley

Arsene Wenger grew up supporting Borussia Monchengladbach

The man lives and breathes Arsenal but this wasn’t always the case. Arsene was actually a Monchengladbach fan as a child often travelling 250miles to watch his team play. No wonder he’s so fond of Granit Xhaka..

It’s weird imagining Le Prof supporting any other team

Linguistic Wizard: he speaks six languages

The Arsenal boss is fluent in his native language of French as well as English, Spanish, German, Italian and also Japanese.

If you find yourself lost in translation, you know who to call

He has an asteroid named after him  

A feat achieved by no other manager in history, Arsene actually has an asteroid named after him. Ian Griffin, an astronomer who also happens to be a diehard gooner, named an asteroid that he discovered “Arsene Wenger 33179” after his favourite manager.

The asteroid even has its own twitter page!

We guess it is safe to say that the great manager is not from this world!

Irfan Aziz

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