Game of Thrones is over. Now what do we do?

No other show has created hype as big as Game of Thrones. Monday morning brought one of the most anticipated seasons of the series to an end. With tensions rising and major events unfolding at God Speed, there couldn’t have been a worse time to end the show than now. Do we sit down and meditate until we get to 2019 or do we binge watch the entire series gazillion times until the fateful day of the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones arrives? Here are three things you can do now that GOT season 7 is over.

The Wight of the North

Now, here’s an interesting theory to nibble over the next two years. So, we know by now that Bran has the ability to warp into people and travel back and forth from and to the past. According to some die hard GOT fans Bran is the Night King. Apparently, Bran had gone into the past to prevent the Children of The Forest from creating the first White Walker. He had waged into the body of the ‘first man’ and tried to negotiate a deal with the Children of The Forest. This backfired and Bran got tied up and changed into the first White Walker.

Intrigued yet? Wait till you hear this. In the season finale, as the Wights were walking through the shattered wall, they had formed the Stark Sigil. How I wish I could be the Three Eyed Raven and travel to 2019.


Become a ‘Westerosian’

With October fast approaching, so is Halloween. Dressing up like Frankenstein, Harley Quinn, Mystique or Slenderman is old school. This is the era of the people of the Seven Kingdoms so take this opportunity to become the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch or the Mother of Dragons or the Dwarf of King’s Landing or, you can even choose to hold the door if you so desire. There’s no better time than now to be your favourite Game of Thrones characters.

Learn a new language

There was a time when learning French was a trend and considered to be cool. Before that, Spanish was. Now, it’s the language of the Dothrakis. Gaining immense popularity ever since Khaleesi first spoke the language, this is one of the hottest languages that people now want to learn. Go to or simply YouTube lessons to learn the language. By the time the final season releases, you’ll be the first to decipher Dany’s secret conversations with the Dothrakis.

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Catch-up on the books

George R. R. Martin is one of the greatest story tellers to have walked the face of Earth. Since, a lot of people have been having complains with the storytelling of the directors, probably reading the author’s detailed books will calm the fans’ souls. Moreover, George and the makers of the series are now following two different story lines. We couldn’t have been living in a better age.

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