“Boro Chele” brings along good vibes of Eid to help you unwind

With Eid holidays drawing to an end, and the city filling up with its residents – the time has come to return to work. Hold onto those comforters for one last effort at squeezing every ounce of entertainment. Fire up the laptops and relax with our very own homegrown Eid Telefilm “Boro Chele.”

From the storytelling mind of Mizanur Rahman Aryan comes a heartfelt and relatable tale of a middle-class family. With the focus centered on the family’s – you guessed it – boro chele (elder son) Rashed, portrayed by the talented Apurbo, we see the struggles of becoming responsible and reliable.

We follow Rashed through his days trying to make ends meet while seeking employment. As his father’s retirement draws near Rashed realizes that the responsibilities are pressing on his shoulders. Apurbo plays the character with steely resilience coupled with an endearing sensitivity as he finds himself at a fork in the road.

As they say, a film is incomplete without romance. Mehjabin is a dream as she plays the role of a heartwarmingly understanding girlfriend, who in the face of her own strife braves the circumstances, always with a genuine smile to spare. The language of the dialogue borrowed from our everyday conversations makes the story all the more close to home and our personal life.

The cinematography lends itself to the plot by keeping the focus on the characters while the city blurs in the background – keeping the storyline tightly focused and engaging. The play draws to its emotional climax with some exceptionally intuitive acting. Prepare for a bout of waterworks as the musical score will have you at its mercy.

“Boro Chele” speaks to the quiet hopeful grappling with the ever evolving landscape of life. The play leaves you with a feeling of renewed possibilities, and the nostalgic sting of dreams. It’s an intimate sixty-minute you should set aside for yourself.

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Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

Marjiya Ahmed is a literature student whose world is incomplete without music. Besides for listening to her favourite tracks, she fancies poetry.