Bill Skarskgard doesn’t need to be a scary clown to kill you

Studies have shown that, there are a large number of people in this world who are terrified of clowns. But we can bet that, after going through the instagram feed of Swedish actor Bill Skarskgard, who plays Pennywise The Clown in the horror film It, they would want this clown to haunt them at night.

The 27 year old actor totally transformed his looks in the movie with scary clown makeup, orange hair and red nose. But audiences are having a hard time deciding which Bill is more killer, the scary clown of the movie or the shirtless guy on instagram with killer abs?

Fans noticed that, he looks very different in real life than his role in the movie It. It is very difficult to find any resemblance between the real life Bill and the reel life Bill. The actor worked really hard to not look like his real self in the movie.

Here are some pictures from his Instagram to sweep you off of your feet. Thank us later!!

Bill in his natural habitat
DEAD is the word I am looking for
Look at the jaw line
Suits suit him even more!!
Casually acing the casual look