Annabelle won’t let you sleep tonight!

If you think The Conjuring was scary, then maybe you should bring your whole family, your friends and a few blankets to watch this movie. Annabelle: Creation is a vast improvement compared to its prequel/ sequel. And director David F. Sandberg knew exactly how to set the mood right and keep the audience constantly wondering what could happen next. Here are 3 reasons why Annabelle: Creation will keep you on the edge of your seat through the entirety of the movie:

Innocent details that may not be innocent after all

As the plot unfolds, simple details that later turn out to be important to the plot are introduced like little Bee’s favorite song, bunk beds, the bell used by Esther Mullins to call her husband, a chair lift on the stairs and a faulty dumbwaiter. The use of props was a smart technique to create suspense and terror without ever giving away too much.

No time to settle back into your seat

The writer Gary Dauberman ensured that the audience does not sit still because there is a jump scare every few minutes. Now, if you think jump scares are predictable, wait till you watch this movie. Even if some are predictable you will be taken aback by how the scene takes place.Through the movie you will expect the doll to be the center of the events, but it rarely is just the doll.By the second half you will find yourself holding your breath, praying that the next jump scare is as simple as 3 claps.


You see it but you don’t

The whole lot of the movie is just based on the idea of a haunted doll, an idea that is projected into your head but you don’t really see it and that makes it chilling to the bones.You see the horrors unfolding in front of you but you never see the main cause until the 3rd of the movie. Even then, the truth unfolds in a way you least expect it to. Here is an example of how the power of implication was used in the following scene:


Be ready to wish you never watched Annabelle: Creation in the first place because it will leave you gasping, trembling and weak at the knees.

And keep the lights on tonight…!


Tanzim Islam Silony

Tanzim Islam Silony is an introvert who loves burying herself in books, is often on the lookout for the supernatural, sings all the time even in her sleep and wants everyone to believe she is secretly funny.