Sugar, spice and a whole lot of sarcasm. Let’s look at these 6 superwoman moments on the occasion of Lilly Singh’s birthday

Before we proceed, let’s wish Lily Singh first. Happy Birthday gorgeous! Why is a YouTube comedian such as herself so important, you ask? Lily Singh, a Canadian-born Indian YouTube sensation, not only makes millions laugh with her interesting sense of humour but also uses her channel as a platform to address many social issues. Despite facing racism and other social stigmas that are not only discouraging but spiteful, she never backs off and continues to stand up and speak for herself and those who face similar problems in life. Today is the day when the ‘super’ talented Lilly Singh graced this world with her presence. Assuming that you are one of her 12 million subscribers and a devoted one indeed, let’s walk into 6 super moments of Superwoman Lily Singh’s life.

When she partnered with Smashbox to launch her lipstick shade

Lilly’s knowledge of makeup is as strong as Paramjeet’s(her mother, played in her videos) English. But when Superwoman tells you to buy a lipstick, you buy that lipstick, fam!

When she collaborated with ‘The Rock’

If you are a true Superwoman fan then you should know how obsessed she is with ‘The Rock’ or dare I say Dwayne the Rock Johnson. People were gasping for air while watching the video. The feeling is real!

When she clapped back at the haters

Superwoman is a lover of peace and all things happy. But there were times she had to show the haters who the real ‘Bawse’ is. Let’s take some sandwich making lessons from her. Shall we?

When she started the online movement #Girl_love

Her campaign against girl on girl hate spiraled with the massive response of her #Girl_love video. Several YouTubers collaborated with her to spread ‘Girl love.’

When she hit 12 million followers on YouTube

Pardon if the number is not accurate when you read this. Because at the rate that she is growing, it is quite possible that she will hit 13 million before this article gets published.

When she started her vlog channel:

When she started her vlog channel

This wasn’t a drill. It was a ‘Christmas day’ like feeling for all her unicorns when she started her vlog channel back in 2014! Who are we kidding, watching her twice a week wasn’t enough for us.

Keep being the unicorn that you are Lilly! Happy Birthday, girl!