Symon AnMi is now available in Bangladesh and it’ll put an end to your search for halal cosmetics

If you’ve heard the term ‘modest fashion’ in recent years, then you’re probably no stranger to the concept of halal cosmetics. Just like modest fashion, halal cosmetics are confined to a particular taste and style but within the boundaries of Islam. Simply put, the beauty products are made of ingredients that are permissible for Muslims. In Bangladesh the only company that promises authentic halal cosmetics is Symon AnMi, the official business partner of Wardah. Wardah, the most popular brand in Indonesia is certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HAS (Halal Assurance System). The company is now offering more than 300 items. Forget about having your beauty merch shipped from abroad; a short visit to either Gulshan Police Plaza Shopping mall or Dhanmondi Plaza AR will bring you closer to your favourite halal knick-knacks.

Sadia Arfina

Sadia Arfina Momo is working as an intern in Ice Today. She is currently a student of BRAC University and enjoys writing articles and features.