Raba Khan’s New Video On ‘Overly Attached Friends’ Is A Must Watch; How Many Of These Friends Can You Relate To?

Raba Khan, known for her witty sense of humour has come up with yet another video that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

In her video, she gives a shout out to all the different types of friends that we are blessed with. Once again, we are reminded of the people who make our lives all the more interesting with their distinct character.

We all have that one friend to whom you are a parent. They’ll probably get on your last nerve, but you love them, so you grit your teeth and continue loving them. After watching the video, you will realize that making insane demands to each other is what has sustained the friendship through the years. They possess a spot in your heart and it’s been permanently dibbed; and that one friend who always goes through frequent separation anxiety.

Raba Khan, hilariously emulates the quirky personalities which occupy our worlds, who, with their unbound love and loyalty, offer meaning to life’s daily grind.

To watch the full video, click the link:

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

Marjiya Ahmed is a literature student whose world is incomplete without music. Besides for listening to her favourite tracks, she fancies poetry.