Need organic fruits and vegetables? Order from Farm Fresh Initiative!

A basket of fruits always sits on our dining table. Under the heap of fruits is a lone apple which refuses to rot. Its been there for a month now with its coat bright and shiny. No points for guessing how the apple had survived the monsoon heat of Dhaka. This is all thanks to the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides that are sprayed so liberally over our fruits and vegetables today.

If you are also those poor soles who are in constant trepidation over buying vegetables from the bazaar, then look no further than Farm Fresh Initiative (FFI). The owners have set up a nifty Facebook page where they everything from seasonal fruits to Banana breads and marmalade.

The FFI page talks about the journey of this little enterprise and its efforts to provide clean eating options for all. The produce are grown in a farm outside of Dhaka and are thus readily available for sale. Moreover, there is a strict adherence to using only natural fertilizers such as cattle manure, chicken litter, oil cake and compost. With a sever ban on all chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the owners are trying to ensure quality over quantity.

The items that are always on stock, as advertised by their Facebook page, are: Pesto, Basil, Rocket/Arugula, different achars and chutneys, jams and marmalades and Shorisha flower honey. The responsive rate of the page is quite high and a glance at the comment sections tells us that customer satisfaction rate is too.

So without further ado, check out Farm Fresh Initiative’s page on Facebook (a link has been provided below) and let us know how you like it. Happy eating!

Nasirra Ahsan

Nasirra Ahsan is a wannabe Economist who works out for fun and stalks famous dogs on instagram.