Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen may not be the ultimate power couple. Here’s why

It seems like the internet is shipping Jon and Daenerys more than they ship real life couples. And it is pretty much evident as to why everyone wants Jon and Dany to be the next Cleopatra and Mark Antony; because together they can even give Dante’s Inferno some competition with their combined hotness. Yes, yes, they have other things in common when it comes to being leaders and losing the love of their lives, and are also opposites in all the right places like being ice and fire. But here’s why we think shipping Jon and Dany would not be such a great idea:

Auntie and Neph

Let’s just for a second imagine that all that has happened has never happened. And given season7episode 5, it may have been confirmed that Rhaegar and Lyanna indeed got married making Jon a legitimate Targaryen. So if the war had never happened, Jon would have grown up knowing Dany not as the hot mother of dragons, but simply as Auntie Dany. Now back to the original story line, can you imagine Jon having some of his popular cave actions with his aunt? Gross, right?

A thing called political arrangement

Houses fight side by side all the time. Margaery Tyrell married all the men she married because she wanted to be queen by marriage. But Dany wants to be queen by her birth right. She doesn’t need Jon to be queen, she needs his army. Meanwhile, Jon does not want the throne, he only needs dragon glass and her dragons to defeat the army of the dead. A platonic political affiliation is very much feasible where both trade something in return for their goals. A win-win situation you might say.

A thing called political arrangement

It may not be what you think

Although they seemed to have gotten closer in last night’s episode, it may be otherwise. Ever heard of the word ‘Trust’? After Jon’s advice worked for the better in ‘Spoils of War’, Daenerys may have started considering Jon a friend she can slowly trust. Now, you may ask, why did Jon seem so uncomfortable watching Dany embrace Jorah Mormont? Probably because he doesn’t trust Jorah after all he has heard about him from Jeor Mormont.

It might not be what you think

In short, it would be wise to not show any more incest when the world is yet to get over the Lannister incest even after 7 seasons.

Tanzim Islam Silony

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