Chef Gregory Gomes from The Way Dhaka plates up a tantalising serving of Grilled Calamari and Scallops with Pomegranate and Balsamic Reduction. Here’s his recipe for you to try at home

If you’ve had a hankering for seafood dishes, you could start with this Grilled Calamari and Scallop with Pomegranate and Balsamic Reduction. Packed in intense flavours, this is a sure-fire cure to having those seafood cravings met.

Photographs by Rafi Azim

Grilled Calamari and Scallops with Pomegranate and Balsamic Reduction

Chef Gregory Gomes

Serves 1


3 pcs scallops

3 pcs calamari rings

½ cup pomegranate juice

3 pieces cherry tomatoes

1 tbsp brown sugar

½ tbsp Dijon mustard

1 tbsp lemon juice

White pepper to taste

Salt to taste

Parsley and salad for garnish


Take a small load of bread and cut into 6 cubes, deep-fry the cubes and use as garnish with tomatoes and salad.


Marinate the calamari and scallops in Dijon mustard, lemon juice and white pepper. Pan sear the seafood on a griller or frying pan. Take the pomegranate juice and brown sugar and reduce in a pan for 5 to 6 minutes.

The Way Dhaka


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