6 Popular Logos And Their Hidden Meanings; Which One Is The Shocker?

Popular Logos

While using these popular products and services you must have embedded their logos in your memory. And often time, you might wonder what their logo means. Did you know that there are hidden meanings to these logos that you can’t figure out from just looking at them? But if you pay a little more attention you can discover the significance. Let’s look at the hidden meanings of five of the most renowned companies in the world.


From A to Z, everything is available at Amazon.com

What do you see in this logo? The curved line under the word ‘Amazon’ does look like a smile and many people at first would think that this smile connotes Amazon’s aim to make the customers happy. But that’s not the exact interpretation. The yellow line is actually an arrow, pointing from the ‘A’ to the ‘z’. This represents Amazon has a variety of items for sale, from A to Z.


the half eaten apple is not what you think it is

Apple is one of the most renowned multinational technology companies in the world. Although some people think that the apple in the logo referred to the story of Adam and Eve, mentioned in the Bible, the designer of the Apple logo, Rob Janoff clarified that the ‘bite’ in the apple stands for ‘bytes.’


Unilever owns more than 400 brands!

We all like the unique logo ‘U’ creatively filled with a variety of images. But these are not random icons. Every single icon depicts an aspect of the Unilever business. For example, the recycle icon is used for their commitment to sustainability and the lips epitomise beauty.


Beats usually promotes its products through hip-hop and pop music

Most of the music and sports stars like to put on Beats headphones and this logo is wearing one too. The red circle represents a human head and the letter ‘b’ is the brand’s headphone the head is wearing.


Coca-Cola logo has already been subject to controversy

We are pretty sure that you haven’t noticed this interesting fact about Coca Cola. Can you spot a flag in this logo? Okay, let’s make things easier. Simply focus on the space between ‘O’ and ‘L’. Now can you see a Danish flag made of white stripes and red colour? Yes, that’s the hidden treasure!



Linden Leader & Landor Associates intended to incorporate the main objective of the service while designing the logo. The white space between the “E” and “x” appears as a right-facing arrow, which is a symbol for speed and precision.

Sadia Arfina

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