Peter Dinklage, popularly known as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, delivers an inspiring commencement speech

Game of Thrones has begun its seventh season last week and we can’t get over the first episode. While much has been written about the beloved characters themselves, very little is explored about their personal lives. So let’s start with the most loved character on GOT.

Everyone’s favourite, Peter Dinklage, gained fame after starring as Tyrion Lannister. In 2012, the actor returned to Bennington College, his alma mater, for a commencement speech. Here are some of the best bits from his speech:

Following your dreams may come with hardships but is a path worth taken

When he tells the audience how he decided to walk away from a data processing job with decent pay for a shot at his dream. In other words, he used his personal experience to tell the students how important it is to follow one’s dreams and that the path usually comes with little or no regrets.

What breaks you makes you stronger

He was left to provide for himself after he graduated. This cruel decision of his parents forced and encouraged him to find work on his own and opt out of being lazy. The fact that he proudly shared this experience with the crowd is indeed inspiring.

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He urges the listeners to stop looking for defining moments because they will never come. However, he believes that everybody finds their own rhythm or continues with the ones they have already found. With that said, give yourself time to breathe and exhale and soon you will find get hang of your pace that will lead you forward.

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Where he lays down some truths about how life just plain sucks after graduation. However, he asks the listeners to simply allow themselves to fail. The reasons are as clear as crystals. Failure teaches one to be stronger and better.

Peter Dinklage is proof that believing in yourself will lead you to the path of success

“The world is yours”

His last words were gold. In very few inspiring words he emphasizes on the need to believe in oneself and keep trying unless we succeed.

The world needs more of Peter Dinklage!

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