So what is the most overrated restaurant in Dhaka

Dhaka Foodies recently put up a status asking people what is the most overrated restaurant in Dhaka?


The page was flooded with over 220 comments and the war between foodies began. People spewing hate on each other for their choices, the ongoing debate took off and people were unable to stomach (pun intended) why someone else would have a different opinion then their own.

For example, the first comment that started this onslaught was when someone wrote “Takeout.” 77 likes on the comment, there came a flood of replies with Takeout lovers going berserk over how ANYONE could not love the holy grail of burgers, Takeout.
Here’s a glimpse of the commentary that followed…


While there were other names that were mentioned too, but none stirred up as big of a debate the way Takeout did. It goes to show our love for food has escalated to a probably unhealthy level and I guess we should all calm down and let others have their opinion.  I mean, guys, if there are so many people who hate the burger, then there is more for the rest of us right?

Here’s us looking at the bright side..