If you thought Donald Trump would be the last American President who was a TV celebrity, you might have to think again. Guess who might see as the American President in 2020? Can you guess? He was the People’s Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2016!
It is none other than The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. A private citizen named Kenton Tilford of West Virginia filed for a campaign ‘Run The Rock 2020’ which is expected to gather momentum.  Tilford said that he has spoken to many who believe The Rock can be the leadership that America needs.  He is not personally affiliated to Dwayne Johnson and his filing is not authorized from him but he hopes that this will convince the wrestler for this purpose. Dave Levinthal, senior political reporter, on his Twitter posted a photo of the draft and announced it to the public.

Dave Levinthal’s announcement about the official draft

The campaign will be called “Run The Rock 2020.” And we think it’s pretty catchy. While being non-Americans we may find the whole situation amusing, we wonder how the Americans are feeling about this.
Most public reaction seemed to have been positive. Many people using the already popular hashtag #RunTheRock2020 to express their says on this matter.

A lot of people seem very excited
Some believe it was the best news they’ve heard all day!

Some people the debate will be epic. I mean, we cannot disagree with that. Can you imagine? The Rock vs. Trump?

Some people want him to run just to watch these two debate.

Although The Rock has no political background, most seem to believe him running for president won’t be so odd, given the circumstances that Mr. Donald Trump is the current President of USA.
If Trump can do it, anyone can!

Fair point.
Twitter Screenshot

Some people are not as excited as others though, and believe celebrities like these need to stick to what they do and leave politics to the politicians.

Twitter Screenshot

So, what do you think? Rock for President? #MakeAmericaRockAgain? Or do you think this is just too much. Well at least, it is not Kanye West.

Naabila Riaj

Naabila Riaj completed her Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Dhaka. She is the big Harry Potter fan and is a foodie in disguise.