If you have a habit of texting while driving, this video will make you think twice before you do it again

We’re all guilty of using our phones between everything we do; whether it’s before sleeping, eating or even studying, we tend to aimlessly fiddle with our phones just to kill time. But this tiny habit can often manifest into something extreme. Yes, this constant obsession with our phones has led to the rising problem of ‘texting and driving;’ to an extent that it has led to the fatal accidents as well loss of lives.

Take this video for example; when this truck driver took his eyes off the roads for a second to change the music on his phone, he ended up killing three kids and an adult woman instantly. The driver Tomasz Kroker faced jail time for 10 years for the deaths of 45-year-old Tracy Houghton, 13-year-old Ethan and 11-year-olds Joshua and Aimee. Although the driver was banned from driving for 7 years, it still wasn’t a hefty compensation to make up for the lives that were lost.  Thames Valley Police released this video to stress upon the dangers of using cell phones. Parents Kate, 45, Doug and Mark mourn the tragic passing of their beautiful children in the video; they also share their thoughts and sentiments to commemorate their departed souls.

Rubab Nayeem Khan

Rubab Nayeem Khan is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. She thoroughly enjoys drawing, and being the in-house grammar nazi.