A TV show inspired by Mariah Carey’s life is coming soon!



We have all watched her rise to fame. Now it’s time to get acquainted with the ordinary girl before she became famous. Starz Network is starting a show based on the real life of Mariah Carey and her success story. Mariah will be working as an executive producer for the show. Her good friend Brent Ratner and manager Stella Bulochnikov will also be part of the project.

The story will show the journey of a bi-racial 16-year-old girl living in New York back in 1968, who aspires to be a singer. From that teenage girl, Mariah went on to become the biggest-selling female music artist of all time. Her road to fame must’ve been an incredible story. We pray the show does justice to her journey. Also, due to being set in 1968, the show will also depict the reality inter-racial relationships faced back in the day. Mariah has always been vocal about the obstacles she faced in her childhood for belonging to a mixed race.

Young Mariah Carey
One of Mariah Carey’s stunning performances

Mariah Carey recently had a documentary series about her called “Mariah’s World” on E! And this time around we will get an in-depth look at her how her life transformed from being a struggling teenager to becoming one of the biggest music maestros of all time.

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