Brace yourselves, Stranger Things season 2 is on route; Here are 5 must-know about Season 2

2016 saw Stranger Things become TV’s new standout show. Netflix’s brain child, Stranger Things is a riveting concoction of humor, well-plotted horror and a nostalgic homage to 80’s pop culture. Season 2 is set to premiere on October 27. Here is what you can expect from the next installment.

One year later

The rag tag bunch of friends who loves meddling with monsters

The season will open a year later during Halloween 1984.

Fresh blood

Season 2 will be starring Sadie Sink

Stranger Things will cast Sadie Sink, who is set to play the role of Hawkin’s newest tomboy, Max

Eleven is back

Eleven played by the young and talented Millie Bobby Brown

The original rag tag band of friends will be making a comeback, along with the alluring Eleven played by Millie Bobby.

Leaving the comfort zone

Will the mystery of the Upside Down unfold in S2?

We will be venturing out of the familiar borders of Hawkins, Indiana. Also the Upside Down will be further explored and explained.

Brand new monsters


Season 2 also promises a new-fangled monster with more screen time. The episodes are guaranteed to be an up-close and personal experience!

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