Worried about Breaking your Fast With Medication? Here are a Few Things you Need to Know about Taking Medicines during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan brings blessings. It brings love, happiness and an aura of piety around the observing and the non-observing. What it also brings, are a whole lot of misconceptions and doubts. Anybody who fasts with a true Niyah wants to do anything to break it and most of us therefore find ourselves walking on eggshells over small nothings. While the concept of fasting is to restrain oneself, let’s look at some of the things we do not need to feel guilty about

Nasal/Ear/Eye Drops

Nasal/eye or ear drops will not play a part in breaking your fast

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They don’t break your fast. They are neither foodstuff nor are they in any way nutritious. If these are necessary and must be taken, only make sure you do not taste them at the back of your throat.

Suppositories (medical insertions)

Suppositories if prescribed may be taken without an hesitance.

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Again, if these are required, they may be taken. These do not pose any risk to your fast.


Taking insulin does not pose as a threat to fasting.

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No form of injections, unless of a nutritious nature or administered to replace food or water, will break your fast. This includes giving blood samples or any medicinal injections, be they intravenous, muscular or those administered in the skin.


As long as you don’t taste the medicine, taking inhalers will not break your fast.

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Usage of inhalers for asthmatic inhalers and taking oxygen are allowed, provided you don’t taste them at the back of your throat.

Munira Fidai

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