Ever Wondered What Fried Foods Does to Your Body? Let’s Check It Out

As much as we love eating French fries and samosas, these deep-friend delicacies tend to affect our health in the long run; and not in a good way if we may add. Here’s how your body takes a beating when you feast out on fried foods.

Belly bloating

Source: www.fitday.com

If you love eating outside, then surely you should worry about that waistline too! The more you snack on on fried goods, the wider you become.

The Acne Attack

Source: www.fabnaturals.com

Want to have pimple free skin? Then you should say  NO to junk food. Acnes, patches and freckles peep out of your face when you go heavy on processed foods.

Liver diseases

Source: www.healthxchange.sg

What about the packaging of the fast food? PAP (polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters)which is used to make the packets water proof, can cause liver disease as well as cancer.

Upset Stomach

Source: www.santemagazine.fr

Do you feel gassy? If ‘yes’ then you should chuck out the piyajus and the begunis, as this may cause acidity in your stomach.

Bone Decay

Source: www.movehut.co.uk

Loaded with sodium, fast food weakens your bones making you feel lethargic all day

Sadia Arfina

Sadia Arfina Momo is working as an intern in Ice Today. She is currently a student of BRAC University and enjoys writing articles and features.