Bring Back Chivalry, One Bag Carrying Man At A Time

Let’s get this out of the way first. A man carrying his girlfriend’s bag isn’t supposed to be any different from a friend showing the same gesture. But, will you call the friend out and say “hey! This is slavery?” Definitely not.

Unfortunately, when it comes to a man carrying his girlfriend’s bag, there’s an unnecessary debate as to whether the gesture should be regarded as a polite one or “not manly”

Manly Much?

The answer is no. The stratification between what’s feminine and what’s masculine has long been dismissed by men donning pink shirts and flaunting waxed chest. Masculinity should not be associated with the nature of the act, rather the intent behind it.

What’s in a colour?

With that said, if your man voluntarily carries your bag for you, he is a keeper. Unfortunately, there is a set of gestures and body languages that register as ‘manly’ according to societal construct. And carrying your girlfriend’s bag is definitely not on the list. Take a look at this celebrity couple who break the construct like it’s nobody’s business.

Orlando Bloom carrying Miranda Kerr’s purse

We should embrace the individuals’ way of simply expressing himself through thoughtful gestures, instead of confining him to the narrowness of archaic definitions of masculinity. A man should be able to choose his own brand of masculinity and exercise it with admirable confidence. He is carrying the weight of all your makeup products; ladies, cut him some slack.

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

Marjiya Ahmed is a literature student whose world is incomplete without music. Besides for listening to her favourite tracks, she fancies poetry.