Bangladesh to Secure the 6th place in Buying Beauty Products in the Muslim World

The world has witnessed a massive rise in the sales of beauty and makeup products and the credit goes to people like Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star and the growing number of beauty vloggers. Keeping up with the world trend, Bangladesh has made its way to the top 6 Muslim countries to purchase the most amount of makeup.

Youtube Channels and Makeup Artists

The impact that YouTube beauty gurus have in our styling and grooming is immense. And it’s amazing how some of the Bangladeshi vloggers’ tips and tutorials made their ways in our lives. That includes, Nuzuma Sama, Nabeela Noor and The Bengali Beauty.

Nabeela Noor

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram pages provide a huge platform for makeup artists. They are not only our go-to makeup artists for an event or function but videos or posts that show popular makeup trends like- feather brows, freckling and contouring your face using household items can inspire people to try it out themselves. Tricks and makeup hacks that pop up all over social media is what we girls look forward to, don’t we?

Zuri by Karishma Rahman, Sabria Chowdhury – Plush Beauty Stylist and Makeup Diary are just a few to be named among so many.

Photo from facebook
Photo from facebook

Beauty Events

Just like shoes and dress exhibitions, attending beauty events have become an essential. Observing a makeup artist conduct her session step by step, explaining all the details and answering questions from the audience gives the confidence a girl needs to pick up her highlighter and try the magic spell on herself.

Makeup has become a community among Bangladeshis as well, where many girls inspire others to create creative looks. What’s more surprising is that, now there is a whole new generation of girls, as young as school girls, who have infiltrated their ways into the world of beauty, who are quite familiar with makeup jargons like strobing, draping and cut crease!

Fatima Faheem Raadia

Fatima Faheem is currently studying at North South University. She enjoys reading, writing and painting in her spare time.