Your Gateway to a Sweat Free Summer

With the summer sun getting hotter than a flaming meteor, there’s absolutely no way to prevent sweating. In fact, some of us will sweat more than others; and to be honest that really does put a damper on our plans. Imagine going for a date and entering the café with enormous sweat circles under your arms? Doesn’t paint the prettiest picture now, does it? But worry no more; we’ve made a list of things that can bring your sweating down to a minimum

If you’re staying outdoors for long hours, might as well choose breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen which help absorb sweat. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes; whether it’s a shirt or a pair of jeggings, sweat has a way of trickling down your spine to make itself visible. It’s time you made loose fitted clothes your best friend.

Deodorant disasters
Sometimes we subconsciously do certain things that we’re not really proud of. Say for example, eating the french fries our friend just ordered, or spraying ourselves with an ounce of deodorant right after working out. While deodorants make you smell fresh, they don’t quite stop your body from producing sweat (or stench, for that matter). Luckily for you, antiperspirants were made just for the cause. These contain aluminum salts which keep your sweat glands from emitting excessive amounts of sweat.

Happy feet
Sweaty feet tend to do one of two things- They either smell or stick to the shoes you’re wearing. Whatever the condition maybe; it’s got to go. So here’s what you need to do; avoid wearing shoes like loafers or ballet flats as they will aggravate your condition and make room for problems like fungus or bacteria. If you’re wearing socks with shoes, opt for the ones made out of cotton as they’re best for soaking up sweat.

Curb your habits
If you’re up to your third helping of Mexican food, your fifth cup of coffee or your eighth cigarette, you shouldn’t be surprised as to why you’re sweating bullets. Spicy food and habit forming stimulants like caffeine or nicotine also contribute to the outpour of sweat in your body. Caffeine for instance affects your central nervous system, which in turn activates your sweat glands causing you to perspire even more. If quitting these seems impossible, just switch to healthier alternatives; say, chewing carrot sticks instead of smoking, switching to probiotic drinks like tea and consuming meals which are cooked with mild spices.
Rubab Nayeem Khan

Rubab Nayeem Khan is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. She thoroughly enjoys drawing, and being the in-house grammar nazi.