Want to Donate Blood while Fasting? Here’s why you should not!

As much as we’re excited for Ramadan, there are a lot of things that we can and can’t do during the month. Blood donation is one of those things that come under scrutiny. Most physicians and health experts will advise you not to donate blood in an empty stomach. Here is why this might not be ideal!

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Fasting deprives you of nutrition; as a result it takes away a great deal of energy from you. Donating blood on an empty stomach will make you feel weak, as you won’t be able to eat or drink to replenish yourself. This will further aggravate your health causing you to feel dizzy.

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Moreover, your body needs iron after losing blood. If you’re fasting and giving blood at the same time, your body will be drained off of its essential nutrients such as iron and may cause a stern dip in blood pressure!

Sadia Arfina

Sadia Arfina Momo is working as an intern in Ice Today. She is currently a student of BRAC University and enjoys writing articles and features.