The God of Small Things is Screening at the Marchè du Film- Cannes Film Festival 2017 and the Trailer is a Must Watch

“To please the God, one religion must sacrifice her, another must kill her.”

Saud Jubaer’s debut film The God of Small Things is a tale told through symbols. A story, inspired by Italian Neorealism, circles around a poor Bengali-Hindu family in a remote village and a cow they worship. Interesting right? Here are five other things from the trailer that will push you to the edge of your seat.

The cow symbolises the things we sacrifice along the lines of religious norms and disputes.

The swinging motion of the camera, the people staring at the cow and the chanting prayers in the background serves as a gripping moment.

Is death a celebration or is it something to be mourned?

This shows the stark difference between the two religions where one worships the cow while the other merely views it as a sacrificial animal for God. The red light and the fanatic expressions used during the sacrifice is absolutely genius.

The film portrays the essence of both the religions; the daily rituals, distinct lifestyles and festivities.

The camera captures a great deal of intensity, especially in the cow’s eyes when it is restrained and sacrificed, leaving nothing but a trail of blood on the pathway.

The conflict between the two religions widens the gap between people, thus causing them to judge each other based on their religious practices.

To watch the full video, follow the link:

Raisa Rahim

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