MasterChef Australia contestant Rashedul Hasan’s instagram account is a foodie’s haven

Bangladeshi, Rashedul Hasan is all set to conquer MasterChef Australia Season 9. Being one of the top 20 finalists, Rashedul is a foodie at heart.
Meanwhile, we have dug up his Instagram account and can’t seem to stop scrolling at the glorious rows of dishes that he has masterfully created.
Here is our favourite 5!
Dish 1
The scrumptious chocolate bitterness enshrined within a tart.
Dish 2
The earthiest of earthy flavours played in creamy greatness.
Dish 3
Is it minty? Is it sour? Well for all we know it is harmony in a bowl
Dish 4
The entrée’s entry. If only we could make our dishes look this good
And lastly we have …
The Saffron Poached Pears with Smoked Vanilla Ice Cream
A lovely splatter of flavours surrounded by sweetness.The dish that wowed the judges and earned him a place amongst the finalists!
Follow him on instagram at rashiethechef
Sunerah Rahman

Sunerah Rahman studied Fashion Designing at Limkokwing University of Creativity and Technology in Malaysia. She is a connoisseur of fashion, food and good music.