Mala and Fuad’s new song was viewed 0.8 million times in 9 weeks. Here’s why we love it

Australia based Bangladeshi singer Mala, along with the ever-so popular Fuad Almuqtadir, released a song titled ‘Jaiba Jodi Jao’ under the GaanChill label, earlier this year. Apart from it being yet another glorious Fuad production, the song has a few charming elements that tugs at our heartstrings.


The dramatic hair flipping as the girl follows her husband to hand him his lunch; not to mention the heart wrenching pause between the couple as the boat slowly drifts away showing the distance between two souls. Also, the flashbacks of the pair sharing moments of love will move just about anyone who’s in a long distance relationship.


The foggy rural landscape sets an almost mysterious atmosphere which leaves the audience wondering if these two people will find their happily ever after or not. The view of a kingfisher sitting by itself as the woman gently draws the curtain is indeed a beautiful capture. The man behind the camera did a stellar job in putting together the picturesque details of rural Bangladesh.


Where edgy composition is concerned, Fuad Almuqtadir is no new name. He manages to keep the song fresh and melodious. Aside from being viewed for 867,319 times, the song has received 5,331 likes on YouTube. Leave it to Fuad to dazzle the music crowd with yet another track that’ll very soon become viral.

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Jaiba Jodi Jao
Singer: Mala
Lyric & Tune: K Zia
Music Director: Fuad Almuqtadir
Label : Gaanchill Music
Natasha Rahman

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