Lower the Risks of a Heatstroke with these 5 Preventive Habits

Call it global warming or God’s wrath- when the summer weather goes from being a minor inconvenience to a dangerous nemesis, you have no choice but to keep your guard up. And yes, we are talking about the risks of suffering from a heatstroke. Here are some measures you can take to fight the heat this summer:


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Don’t wait until you are thirsty. Make a habit of drinking water continuously throughout the day – it could save your life.

Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol

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They only make dehydration worse. Can’t think beyond a chilled beer? Give back the lost minerals to your body by opting for sports drink/vitamin water instead!

Keep essentials handy

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These include an umbrella, a cool facial spray, wet tissues, a battery-operated fan and some candy for when the sugar levels drop.

Avoid outdoor activities

Opt to work indoors, especially between 10am till 3pm. Try to find air conditioned facilities when possible. In case that’s not available, try to stay on the lower levels of the building which tend to be cooler.

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Know the symptoms

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If you start to feel breathless, dizzy, disoriented or nauseous, immediately get away from the sun, relieve yourself of as much clothing as possible, sponge yourself with a cool wet cloth and pop a candy in your mouth while you wait for help.

Raisa Rahim

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