Jaya Ahsan Starrer ‘The City of Love’ is More Than a Popcorn Movie

In a recent interview with the Bonik Barta, a Bengali newspaper, the popular actor said, “Those who are looking forward to being entertained, should not watch the film.” She further added, “Simply put, ‘The City of Love’ is not the kind of film you watch while chewing away on popcorn.” But then what is the furor with the movie? The short film boasts big names like Ritwik Chakrabarty and has been directed by the famous Indranil Roy Chowdhury.

The trailer does a good job of portraying the heart-wrenching life of a woman who has dealt the wrong cards by fate and her continuous attempts to keep her head above water while she faces life, blow after blow.

Jaya who plays the role of Annapurna Das said that reading the script had left her speechless for a few minutes. The trailer, which is available on YouTube, leaves you profoundly interested in the life of Annapurna Das and the mistakes and choices she makes in her grueling life.

We believe this film will add a new feather in her hat. Here’s wishing Jaya Ahsan luck for further movies in the future!

Watch the trailer here:

Nasirra Ahsan

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