Dogs Maybe The Perfect Companion For Children With Autism; Here Are 3 Reasons Why

For an autistic child, the world is like a complicated maze; explaining yourself, talking to someone or even asking for help might pose as a challenge. While some children may find solace in the presence of their parents, others may have a hard time opening up to them, which often gives rise to the severity of the condition. As a result, the west has discovered that raising children among animals, particularly dogs have made a positive impact on the cognitive skills of children with autism. Here are 3 reasons a dog might actually help your child cope with his/her condition.


Temper tantrums may come down to a minimum if autistic children have dogs as pets

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Dogs are loyal creatures; if you love them, they will do just about anything to return the favour. Even if that means, having to deal with mood swings.  Autistic children with sleeping difficulties are known to wake up to the slightest noise or throw a tantrum during bedtime. During these times, dogs have been proven to be a therapeutic guide for autistic children who have trouble sleeping.


Interaction with dogs help children to be more responsive towards their surroundings

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Autism may lead to behavioral issues such as not wanting to speak, make eye contact, respond to affection or even take part in games. This may severely hamper a child’s social skills, thus turning him/her to become more and more isolated. Having a spirited creature like a dog, may assure your child that it’s okay to express themselves more and learn new activities.


Your child may develop a keen sense of empathy for animals

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Overtime, having a pet will teach your child to be caring and compassionate towards animals. It also builds a sense of responsibility; as your child grows older, he/she will feel entitled to look after the furry-companion that stuck to him/her during his toughest times.

Rubab Nayeem Khan

Rubab Nayeem Khan is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. She thoroughly enjoys drawing, and being the in-house grammar nazi.