Bad Breath during Ramadan? Here’s your Quick Fix

When you fast, bad breath gets worse.

Saliva being a natural mouthwash aids in washing bacteria and food from the mouth, creating a layer that prevents oral odours from escaping.  During your fast, there is little to no saliva at all hence these easy tips will come in handy

Floss regularly

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Flossing in the morning and right before bedtime will remove the tiny particles of food that your toothbrush cannot reach.

Drink lemon water

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Have a big glass of lemon water as the last thing at sehri and the first thing after you break your fast. The citric acid in lemon kills bacteria

Clean your tongue

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It’s equally important to keep your tongue clean, especially after a heavy iftar and sehri. Gently scrub your tongue with a tongue scraper twice daily as this will wipe off the bacterial biofilm and mucus.


Natasha Rahman

Natasha Rahman is the Assistant Editor of ICE Today. She enjoys the little pleasures of life, such as food and aerobics.