3 Shades of Lipsticks from Banglashoppers.com for the Sexy, Playful and Feisty Femmes

If you love painting your lips bright, Banglashoppers.com may just have the perfect swatch for you. Here are three shades from The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes collection, that are an absolute steal for your average lipstick connoisseur.


Honest is a perfect tone if you’re in the mood for something a tad bit muted

For a dramatic slash of crimson, try Loyal from the Balm for lips that looks sweeter than cherries.


Rock a bold pair of lips with the Loyal shade from The Balm

She is hot, she is precious and she is pink. Sentimental is for the lipstick comrades who are not afraid to flaunt.


The Balm’s Sentimental shade is the perfect choice for pink lovers

For lips that don’t lie, try Honest from the Balm; it’s the perfect shade for the strong spirited woman.

Photo Source: banglashoppers.com

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Nahid Tabassum

Nahid Tabassum is an English teacher by day, a make-up junkie and a foodie by heart. She is also a pet lover and an expert napper