We Love Mahmudullah Riyad; His New Commercial, Not So Much

Mahmudullah Riyad knows how to win our hearts with his stellar performances on the field. But can we say the same about his commercial gig with new local beverage? Not quite; here’s why we are not a big fan of the ad.

The ‘hero’ premise
No one’s questioning Mahmudullah’s skills as a cricket player here, hence the cliched heroic start to the commercial was kind of like stating the obvious.


From the cricket field to the sets of Mughal-e-Azam; seriously, where is this going?


Expressions (or the lack thereof)
Mahmudullah looks as giddy as a love struck teenager; except that in his case, he’s looking at a bottle of soda. Weird much?


Whoever made this ad, made sure not a single thread was wasted. So aside from the exaggerated dresses from the Mughal Era, they also had cheerleading kameez (cause a jersey and skirt is so last year!)


Defying the laws of physics
Mahmudullah playing cricket, celebrating with fans and teaching kids how to balance a ball on a cricket bat; all of this happening in one frame pretty much discredits every other physics law you’ve ever heard of (which takes us back to how disorganised the plotline was in the first place). That’s way too much time-travelling in one frame!

Check out the full video here (for a few good laughs)
Rubab Nayeem Khan

Rubab Nayeem Khan is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. She thoroughly enjoys drawing, and being the in-house grammar nazi.


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