Put Harassers in Their Place with these 4 Tactics

As we step into the Bengali New Year, there still remains an uncertainty; an inexplicable fear of going out in public. However, as we enjoy the melodies of Esho He Baishakh, that no matter how grey the skies are, we should always look forward to a brand new day.  Mashroof Hossain, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), brings you four tactics you can use against harassment on the streets.

Don’t let them feed on your fear
Harassers are always on the lookout to mock, tease and make women uncomfortable, especially when they are out on the streets. Be brave, bold and walk with your head held high and when faced with a derogatory comment, call them out. Harassers are most afraid of confrontation.

Don’t pay heed to those who want to bring you down
It’s time to tell those off who blame the victim for dressing a certain way or being at a certain place where they “shouldn’t” have been. If a man harasses a woman it is him who should be looked down upon, not the woman!  Pay no heed to such ignorance.

Use day-to-day things as weapons
Safety pins, bobby pins, hairbrush and your keys can sometimes save the day. According to ACT 96-106, women are given full right to defend themselves when attacked physically.

Practice makes perfect
Last but not the least; practice using these tactics at home so you know exactly what to do when faced with a dire situation