Lucky Akhand’s Tragic Demise Leaves the Music World Heartbroken

Upon being discharged from the hospital after 2 months, Lucky Akhand returned to his home at Armanitola. His long battle with cancer has finally come to an end as the freedom fighter and singer breathed his last earlier this evening around 6:30pm. Born in 18 June, 1956, Lucky Akhand’s love for music began at the tender age of 5. And this love paved the way for him to become a child artiste for television and radio in 1963. At the age of 14, Akhand became the composer of HMVPakistan; by the age of 16 he was the music producer for HMV India.  In 1984, Akhand released his first solo album under the banner of Sargam titled, ‘Lucky Akhand.’ He and his brother, eminent singer, Happy Akhand together formed the band ‘Happy Touch.’
He gained recognition for popular songs like ‘Ey Neel Monihar,’ ‘Mamuniya,’ and ‘Amaye Deko Na.’ He has also composed songs for various singers, such as ‘Jekhane Shimanto Tomar’ by Kumar Bishwajit, ‘Kobita Porar Prohor Esheche’ by Samina Chowdhury, ‘Abar Elo Je Shondha’  and ‘Ke Baashi Bajaire’ by Happy Akhand.
1. Ei Neel Monihar

2. Amay Deko Na

3. Jekhane Shimanto Tomar

4. Ke Baashi Bajaire

5. Abar Elo Je Shondha